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"GPS Professional Coaching has helped me achieve my dream through mastering interview techniques, resume writing, and marketing myself. They worked in partnership with me to ensure I exemplified the best that I can be to get the job that compliments my career path. After graduating with a masters degree, I was afraid that I would only be able to get an entry level position due to my lack of working experience.  However, GPS Professional Coaching advised me and discussed strategies on how to build up my resume as well as ways to ensure that I had the confidence to show that I was qualified for senior level positions. With their help I was able to get the job I really wanted as a program director for a non-profit organization."

Luarnie, Program Director (2010)


"As an Ivy League graduate with an Engineering degree, I knew I was well-qualified for the jobs I wanted when I graduated. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time getting my message across to potential employers. With the help of GPS, I was able to revamp my resume, build my interviewing skills, and develop the confidence I needed to achieve my goals. Since meeting with my coach, I've been offered every job for which I've interviewed with no exceptions, including multiple positions at Fortune 500 companies."

Nate, Engineer (2006)

Princeton Univ.

"With the help of GPS Professional Coaching expertise in resume revision and interview techniques I was able to land a job at the Washington Post, right out of undergraduate school. I was nervous about applying at such a prestigious newspaper right out of school, but my coach's confident and relaxed approach to coaching me for the interview process really helped me to gain confidence in myself.  GPS meticulously revised my resume with me until we had a product that not only we were happy with, but my soon to be employer at The Post, as well! By closely following my coach's advise, I was able to impress the Washington Post and get into the company I had only dreamed of being a part of, weeks before."

Tesfaye, Journalist (2005)

Columbia Univ. & St. Mary's

"Over the last 15 years, I've had different jobs. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. Coming to GPS was the best investment I made for myself. They transformed my resume from a few bullet points to meaningful content that highlighted my strengths. They helped me develop an elevator pitch that I could use when speaking with employers or in any setting. GPS Professional Coaching gave me insight on how to tackle the most challenging task when considering a job- negotiating the salary. They opened my eyes to viewing things differently that created incredible opportunities for me. Thank you!"

Ania, Contract Analyst (2008)


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