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Bored or Down At Work?

You‘ve been on the job for weeks, months, or years and now you are bored. Things are feeling routine, you don’t like your boss, you aren’t feeling valued, etc., which could all be contributing to your “boredom”. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you get out of this predicament.


EVALUATE YOUR LIFE: Sometimes, well most of the time, when individuals feel bored or down at work the core issue stems from something outside the job. This could be a recent breakup, disagreements with roommates, or something else creating negative energy. If you open your eyes and look around to see the real problem, you might be able to cure the ailments that are triggering your boredom or lack of job satisfaction.

FIND INTERESTING WORK: There’s always a way to turn a problematic situation into an opportunity. You could either communicate to your management your eagerness to participate in other activities, or you can take the proactive approach by identifying areas you’d like to add value, whether it’s putting a presentation together or taking internal training classes. Whatever the case may be, make sure it’s something that’s well aligned with your career goals. For example, don’t just take any training; think about certifications or specialized skills that might be good for your career.

RESEARCH OTHER OPTIONS: If there are no opportunities for growth or upcoming projects that will jolt your interest again. It might be time to consider other jobs in the office or move on to a different company or career. When we are at a place for too long, sometimes we’ve capitalized everything we can learn. Do your research and see what’s out there before making any rash decisions.


HARBOR ON NEGATIVE FEELINGS: You might be in a little bit of a funk, whether your work is repetitive, below your IQ, or you’re just over it. Don’t continue to harbor on all these negative feelings and thoughts. Think of a way to transform your negativity into positivity. Use your analytical skills to figure out how you can change your situation or your perception of the situation. Is it really that bad? Be grateful to having a job. What additional tasks or responsibilities can I take on to diversify my workload? Think out-of-the-box.

GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA: It’s so tempting, you are already on the computer, so what’s the harm at checking your facebook, or getting on your phone to send a quick twitter or check Instagram? Don’t do it! One, everything you do on your computer is monitored by your employer so don’t be a fool and think no one will know. Two, it’s a very bad habit to constantly check your social media while at work, because eventually it might get in the way of your productivity. No matter the type of job, everyone is entitled to a break. Use your break time to get some fresh air and indulge into all your social media apps.

CHAT WITH CO-WORKERS: Do you ever notice that one person always walking around the room or floors chatting it up with everyone they see? If you notice it, so do others, including your boss. Don’t be that person that’s perceived as doing more talking than working. Plus, you might be seen as a distraction for others doing their work, which is even worse. Socialize here and there, but don’t get carried away.

You have to stay focused and remember the reasons why you are on the job in the first place, like paying your bills, building your resume, and starting your career! Change your outlook and you’ll see a change in your situation.


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